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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any cancellation fees?

You can cancel at anytime and there are no cancellation fees.

Do we get to keep our data if we cancel?

All of the data is yours to keep and you have access 24/7. We store your data in your accounting software. We will transfer the subscription over to you.

What is a transaction?

A transaction includes any information we add to your bookkeeping software.

Examples: expense and sales receipts, customer and vendor invoices, payments etc.

How can you help us with inventory management?

We use special software to predict and manage your inventory. We send reports to advise you of when stock is running and how inventory you should purchase.

Which other services do you offer? 

The plans above are based on general business needs. Please see our complete service list and contact us to add any services you would like to incorporate into your plan.

How do you set up and train us on these systems?

Depending on your business needs, we will set up and train you and your staff remotely or in-person to ensure your business processes are effective.

Do you offer plans for businesses just starting up?

Yes. We offer plans starting at $75/month to help get you started.

Do offer file hosting for our accounting software?

Yes. We offer hosting services at an additional cost depending on your needs To set up this service contact us.

Do you offer custom plans?

Yes. We encourage you to complete our Free Quote Form for a customized plan or call us.

Do you offer hourly rates?

We charge a flat fee which includes all your costs. No surprises or additional fees. Contact us for more details.

How do we submit information if you work remotely?

We have several ways to submit information such as email forwarding, scanning and a picture with your mobile device. We also offer mail courier and automated file uploading services. We make the process hassle free.

Can you pay our bills or invoice our customers?

Yes. We use online systems which allow us to prepare payments or collect for your vendors and customers. You approve all of these types of transactions before submission. Ask us how.

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