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Learn how to effectively use these
apps and take the time to
understand their impact on your
Train in 30 minute or 60 minute increments

Schedule training time in increments that best fits in your schedule.

We remote into your

computer so we can work in an environment you are familiar with to

set up apps exactly how you want them to work. 

Apps for Working at Home

Make working at home a little more efficient and fun.


Dropbox acts as a folder on your desktop that syncs with the cloud so you can share anything with other colleagues or friends. You can then store and back up your files to the cloud as well as share folders with colleagues for easy sharing.


Zoom allows you to set up meetings online where you can see and have the option to share your computer screen with anyone. It's what you would use to have a meeting from home with one or many people.

Bookkeeping Systems In The Cloud

Have your financial information with you anywhere on all devices. These systems allow you to have your bookkeeping available to you online and accessible 24/7. Let us teach you how to use them to understand your financial situation.

Send Us Your Paperwork

Send us your receipts and invoices by taking a photo, forwarding an email, or automatically uploading to our Partner system. Learn how to keep organized and have access to any original documents to review purchases, payments and files.

Time Sheets Made Easy

Easier and more efficient ways of tracking your employees time. Approve and track hours from anywhere. We can show you how to schedule your employees online and get rid of timesheets.

Pay Supplier Bills and Collect Customer Invoices With Ease

Take the hassle out of collecting customer payments and paying bills. These apps allow you to schedule collections and make it easy for your customers, suppliers and subcontractors get paid.

POS Systems To Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Handle different types of business transactions with ease including discounts, tips, gift cards and online ordering with your payments. You. can even use contactless payments where your customer just taps their card.

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